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Managed gateway for security testing

The industry's first comprehensive solution for controlling and monitoring pentest projects.
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Maximize opportunities

In addition to enhancing project quality and reducing operational tasks, HackGATE simplifies the deployment of a test system by providing exclusive access to the web server through HackGATE IP addresses. This ensures that setting up and managing your test environment becomes effortless, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your projects.

Separate the pentester
and real-life attacks

With HackGATE's authentication functionality, you can enforce the use of robust authentication methods before granting ethical hackers access to your IT system. HackGATE logs all activities during the project, ensuring accountability. This enables you to effectively isolate unknown intruders from legitimate penetration testers.

Advanced project analysis

As an external and fully transparent device, HackGATE operates independently from the pen testers. Integrated with a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, HackGATE identifies attack types, logs security data, and generates compliance reports so you can ensure comprehensive testing and robust security measures.

Full control over your ethical hacking projects

Active monitoring of their activities is crucial to understand the data they access. HackGATE enables you to control access to your IT system, providing enhanced security. HackGATE allows you to track pen testers beyond just their IP address through its authentication functionality, granting you valuable insights throughout the project.
User-friendly dashboard

HackGATE™’s dashboard provides you with a clear view of your ethical hacking project, enabling you to monitor ethical hackers while having full control over the traffic.

> 45GB
Raw traffic data analysed
> 30m
Total requests handled
Most active users diagram

Powerful features for enhanced Security Testing

From advanced threat detection to comprehensive reporting features, HackGATE empowers you to mitigate vulnerabilities and maintain regulatory compliance proactively. With these robust features, you can conduct security testing with confidence.

Seamless integration

There's no need to make any changes to your existing IT environment. Our dashboard allows for quick configuration, ensuring a smooth integration process without disrupting your operations.

Enhanced visibility

HackGATE is purpose-built to supervise hacking activities and promote accountability among pentesters. By providing improved visibility, you can closely monitor their actions and ensure adherence to ethical guidelines.

Anomaly detection

HackGATE assists in detecting suspicious activity by identifying unusual deviations from established baselines. This proactive approach helps you identify potential security threats and respond fast to mitigate risks.

Improved transparency

HackGATE facilitates the highest level of transparency throughout ethical hacking activities. You can gain a comprehensive understanding of the testing process, ensuring trust and confidence in the results.

Empowering independence

Designed as an enterprise-level monitoring solution, HackGATE enables you to regain control over your ethical hacking projects. Its independent functionality empowers you to maintain a proactive stance against threats.

Streamlined reporting

HackGATE simplifies compliance audits by providing accurate and comprehensive information about your projects. Its advanced reporting ensures that you have the necessary documentation to meet regulatory requirements.

"We employed HackGATE for our security testing and were genuinely impressed by its capabilities. It is safe to say that HackGATE has revolutionized our ethical hacking projects."

Head of Information Risk Management at Bank
Advanced features

Deep dive into the testing traffic

We provide transparent reports on security tests, including their types and functionalities.
Security testing traffic diagramOWASP TOP 10 diagram
Advanced features

Streamlined features for advanced analytics

HackGATE simplifies compliance audits by providing accurate project information.
Case studies

Real stories from real customers

A Case study on the successful implementation of HackGATE™


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What is HackGATE?
HackGATE is a managed gateway for security testing, designed as a comprehensive solution for controlling and monitoring pentest projects.
What is HackGATE not?
HackGATE is not a vulnerability scanning or security testing tool. As a monitoring tool for pentest projects, it does not have the capacity to fix issues or suggest remediation solutions.
Who is HackGATE for?
HackGATE was designed for enterprises and large organizations that have multiple pentests running simultaneously to enable them to easily monitor hacking activity and increase control over security testing projects.
What are the benefits of using HackGATE?
Using HackGATE enables users to improve the transparency of ethical hacking activity, separate pentester activity from real-life attacks, and improve the efficiency of pentest projects in a cost-effective way. HackGATE also simplifies compliance audits by providing accurate and comprehensive information about pentest projects.
Is HackGATE an on-premise solution?
No, HackGATE is a cloud-based solution, managed by the Hackrate team in the Azure cloud. We do not use virtual machines, only services by cloud providers with the highest level of compliance and physical security standards. This means that you can kick off a new project immediately.

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